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48V Lithium Battery for Power Equipment
897 2021-04-08

Power equipment lithium battery|48V power display lithium battery, as the coverage of the national grid becomes wider and wider, a variety of testing equipment will also appear as a complete set. When our inspectors use the inspection grid lines, how can they easily and quickly know the power status of the backup power supply? Xuan Li battery will help you. The lithium battery solution customized by Xuanli Battery professionally for power testing equipment adds a visual and simple power display management to the staff who are struggling in the front line. You can know the power level of the power supply with just one touch!

Power equipment lithium battery | 48V power display lithium battery model: XL-48V-15.4Ah

48V power equipment lithium battery size: 70*151*300mm

48V power equipment lithium battery power: 740W

48v battery display maximum continuous discharge current of lithium battery: 15Ah

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