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18650 lithium battery pack wear how to detect
213 2023-11-22
Battery drain performance:
Battery voltage does not rise and capacity decreases. Measure directly with a voltmeter, if the voltage at both ends of the 18650 battery is lower than 2.7V or there is no voltage. Indicates that the battery or battery string is damaged. Normal voltage 3.0V ~ 4.2V(generally 3.0V battery voltage cut-off, 4.2V battery voltage will be fully charged saturation, individual 4.35V).
Battery voltage:
Battery voltage is lower than 2.7V, you can use the charger (4.2V) to charge the battery, ten minutes later, if the battery voltage has rebounded, you can continue to charge until the charger prompts full, and then see the full voltage.
If the full voltage is 4.2V, it indicates that the battery is normal, it should be the last use of too much power, and the battery is cut off. If the full voltage is much lower than 4.2V, the battery is damaged. If it is a battery that is used for a long time, it can be determined that the battery life is up and the capacity is basically exhausted. It should be replaced. There‘s basically no way to fix it. After all, lithium-ion batteries have a lifetime, not an infinite one.
Voltage display:
If the 18650 lithium-ion battery pack is measured, the battery has no voltage, there are two situations at this time, one is that the battery is originally good, long-term loss of power storage, this battery is a certain probability of recovery, generally using lithium-ion battery pulse activator (lithium-ion battery charge and discharge instrument) to charge the battery for a short time multiple times, it is possible to repair. Generally, the repair cost is not low, or buy a new cost-effective. Another possibility is that the battery is completely depleted, the battery diaphragm is broken down, and the positive and negative terminals are short-circuited. There‘s no way to fix these things, you have to buy new ones.
Battery voltage:
Check the battery voltage and set a multimeter to measure the current flow per hour. Place two metal rods at the positive and negative metal ends of the battery.
Check the multimeter display:
Check the multimeter display. The mAh of the fully charged 18650 lithium-ion battery pack is consistent with the label, indicating that the battery is in good condition of use. When the discharge voltage drops, if the reading is more than 5%, lower than the capacity on the label, please charge your battery until it is full, and then carry out the battery test again, if the actual reading is still lower than the capacity on the label, please replace the battery in time, because the battery can no longer supply normal power.