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Can I take a battery on the high-speed train
196 2023-11-06
According to relevant regulations, passengers are allowed to carry batteries on high-speed trains. We need to know some details about the requirements for battery carrying.
First of all, for lithium batteries, their capacity must be below 100wh to carry on high-speed rail. This is to ensure safety and prevent potential hazards.
In addition to lithium batteries, other types of batteries such as button batteries or No. 5 batteries do not have strict quantity requirements and can carry a reasonable amount.
However, it should be noted that there are some batteries that are prohibited from carrying on high-speed rail. Batteries filled with lye or acid and batteries containing potassium hydroxide solids are of this type. These substances have a certain degree of danger, so they are restricted to carry on high-speed trains.
Of course, in addition to the battery carrying regulations, there are other things to pay attention to when riding high-speed rail. For example, passengers must have a good sense of time.
Once the train stops checking tickets, passengers will no longer be able to swipe their ID cards to get to the station, which may affect travel plans. In addition, passengers will not be able to refund their tickets once the trains depart.
In addition, the high-speed rail also limits the weight of each passenger‘s baggage. Ordinary passengers can carry a maximum of 20 kg, diplomats 35 kg, while children can only carry 10 kg. If the weight exceeds the specified weight, passengers need to check in.
In addition, there are some prohibited items when riding the high-speed train. For example, poisons, corrosive substances, inflammable and explosive materials, guns and ammunition, and controlled knives are all prohibited on the high-speed rail.