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Choice of lithium-ion battery tape
132 2024-01-29
Choice of lithium ion battery tape, lithium ion battery termination tape performance parameters. Lithium ion battery tapes are classified by use: termination tape,PACK tape, protective film tape, pole ear tape, high temperature tape, fixed tape, removable tape, double-sided tape, etc. Lithium-ion battery tape suppliers introduce many kinds of tape, so the performance and strength of various brands of tape are different, so pay more attention when purchasing tape.
The choice of lithium-ion battery tape depends on whether the tape has insulation and fixing functions, and whether it can protect and fix various lithium-ion cores.
Secondly, the choice of lithium-ion battery tape is similar to ordinary tape. If the taste is strong and sour, the tape will have poor retention. Especially at low temperatures, when it is basically adhered to lithium-ion products, it will crack or fall off. The thicker the taste, the stickier the initial stickiness, but soon the sticky surface will dry out and lose its stickiness, and then lose its stickiness. The results show that there are cracks on the surface of the tape due to uneven coating. Usually the color of poor quality film will darken. There‘s a high probability of breaking the tape, very poor strength.
In general, the whiter the appearance of the transparent tape, the less impurities in the lithium-ion battery tape, in order to ensure normal bonding performance, the tape below 100 meters has a certain transparency of the paper tube can be seen. Yellow tape to see if there are irregular white spots on the surface of the tape, pressing by hand can not erase impurities or dry prints, this product generally has odor.
Adhesive tape surface: adhesive tape is coated with adhesive on the bottom belt in the supplier of lithium ion battery tape, usually after fully drying into a roll, if the adhesive tape is too wet, the tape itself will be very tight together, difficult to open when used, and some can not be used at all.
Performance parameters of lithium-ion battery termination tape:
Lithium ion battery termination tape is used for the termination insulation and fixing of the pole ear and winding position of cylindrical and square, small and medium-sized lithium electronic batteries and large power lithium electronic battery cells, to terminate and puncture proof. In line with ROHS, through ICP iron copper nickel zinc and other heavy metals detection. No silicon, no halogen.
Performance of lithium-ion battery termination tape: strong electrolyte resistance, high electrical insulation, with appropriate adhesive force; Good adhesion and no residual glue after stripping.
Technical parameters of lithium ion battery termination tape:
Substrate: PET/OPP
Glue: acrylic
Thickness: 0.010mm-0.050mm
Color: Emerald green, dark green, transparent, blue, yellow, brown
Adhesion: 1-6N/25mm
Resistance to electrolyte: Through
The lithium-ion battery termination tape is coated by a one-step method with the domestic technology leading automatic high-precision coater, and then manufactured by constant tension automatic control high-speed slitting and rewinding. The entire manufacturing process is completed in the 10,000 purification workshop, the production equipment has high precision, product stability and consistency. The glue formula and production process of this product are unique, and it has the characteristics of proper adhesion, adhesion and no residual glue after stripping.
The above is the choice of lithium-ion battery tape, lithium-ion battery termination tape performance parameters, customers should be based on the use and specific conditions, the type of tape, reasonable selection.
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