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Detailed standard for lithium iron phosphate battery packs
240 2023-10-11
Lithium iron phosphate battery because of its high safety, large capacity and other characteristics, instead of lead-acid battery has become a new darling in the field of communication. Because the lithium iron battery is an emerging battery type, the formulation of its standardization at home and abroad is still relatively scattered, so the application in the field of communication also has a certain risk.
The communication lithium iron battery standard, referred to as the "communication standard", is a series of standards developed by the national and industry standards Committee to regulate the quality, performance and safety requirements of lithium iron batteries used in the field of communication.
The standards of lithium iron phosphate batteries mainly include: domestic standards, international standards, industry standards and enterprise standards.
1. National standard: At present, the national standard implemented in China is the "communication lithium iron battery" (GB/T31241-2014), which is applicable to various types and models of lithium iron batteries used in the communication industry, and specifies the technical requirements, test methods, marking and packaging, transportation and storage of the product.
2. International standards: At present, the internationally accepted lithium iron phosphate battery standards are mainly: IEC61960-1, IEC62133, UL1642, UL2054, etc. These standards specify the technical requirements of the product, test methods, marking and packaging, transportation and storage, etc., with global universality.
3. Industry standards: Industry standards are standards formulated for specific industries on the basis of national standards. The current domestic industry standards are mainly: telecommunications industry standard YD/T2362-2012, railway communication industry standard TB/T3181-2019, aircraft power industry standard JB/T10416-2004, etc.
4. Enterprise standards: Enterprise standards are standards formulated by enterprises according to their own production needs, including product technical specifications, product standards, management regulations, etc.
The implementation of the standard can effectively regulate the use of communication lithium iron batteries, improve their safety, reliability and service life, provide better power supply guarantee for communication equipment, and promote the sustainable development of the field; Let the communication iron lithium battery can be further developed and produced to promote the development and growth of its industry.
Technical requirements for communication lithium iron phosphate battery pack:
Battery voltage and capacity: The communication lithium iron phosphate battery voltage is usually 3.2V or 3.7V, and the capacity is generally greater than 2000mAh.
Product appearance: The appearance of the battery should be smooth, no cracks, pores, pits and other defects, its color should be uniform, no obvious color difference, the product should have no obvious odor and pollution.
Weight and size: The weight and size of the communication iron lithium battery pack should comply with the provisions of national standards and industry standards to ensure compatibility with the application equipment.
Battery cycle life: The cycle life of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack is one of the main indicators to measure the quality of the battery, and the cycle life of the lithium iron battery can reach more than 2000 times.
Safety of the battery: The safety of the lithium iron phosphate battery is determined by the battery material, process and characteristics, which stipulates that the battery should have overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection and other safety protection measures.
Other technical requirements: internal resistance, self-discharge rate, temperature characteristics, storage temperature, discharge temperature, charging temperature and other parameters are also important technical requirements for lithium iron phosphate battery packs.
The development of communication lithium battery standards can promote the quality of products and optimize the consumer experience, storage electric lithium battery UPS manufacturers are willing to work with various industry partners and various battery manufacturers to effectively implement communication lithium battery standards into the production management of enterprises, and with the help of standards to promote enterprise technological innovation, enhance their competitiveness, Together to expand and strengthen the competitiveness of China‘s lithium battery.