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How to distinguish whether the 18650 lithium battery pack is a disassembled battery cell
339 2023-07-10
Disassembled battery cells refer to battery chips that have been removed from the original device. In the market, some unscrupulous vendors may disguise dismantled battery cells as brand new batteries for sale, which poses a safety hazard to consumers. Therefore, when purchasing batteries, we need to learn how to distinguish whether it is a disassembled battery cell. Here are some common methods:
1. Check the battery connection section
The connection part of a regular battery chip is usually flat and tidy. Disassembling the battery cell may result in welding marks, breakage, or deformation. In addition, the connection part of regular batteries will also have markings, such as the symbol for positive and negative poles, while dismantling the mechanical cell often does not have these markings.
2. Observe packaging and labeling
Disassembling battery cells often does not have legal packaging and labeling, therefore, it is necessary to carefully observe the information on the battery packaging box. Batteries produced by legitimate manufacturers usually have clear identification such as product name, model, production date, and after-sales phone number. However, dismantling the mechanical core often lacks these markings or the markings are unclear. In addition, the packaging of regular batteries is usually intact, and if there are obvious signs of tearing or damage to the packaging, it may be due to disassembling the battery cells.
3. Check appearance and dimensions
The appearance of regular battery chips is usually neat, smooth, and stain free. However, dismantling the mechanical core may result in scratches, dents, or stains. In addition, checking the size of the battery is also one of the methods to determine its authenticity. Disassembling battery cells often results in irregular or deformed dimensions, while the size of regular batteries is usually standard.
4. Weight
Regular batteries usually indicate their net weight on the packaging. If the weight does not match the label, it may be due to dismantling the battery cells. Due to the use of disassembled battery cells, there may be a certain degree of loss, so their weight will be reduced.
5. Utilize professional equipment for testing
If the above methods cannot be clearly determined, professional equipment can be used for battery testing. Professional equipment can accurately measure the capacity, internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of batteries to determine their authenticity.
In short, when purchasing batteries, we need to remain vigilant and distinguish between authenticity. By observing the packaging and labeling, inspecting the appearance and size, weight, checking the battery connection, and using professional equipment for testing, we can more accurately determine whether the battery cell has been disassembled. Purchasing legitimate and branded batteries is an important measure to ensure safe use.