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The difference between square lithium battery and round lithium battery in safety protection
97 2023-12-06
At present, the focus of lithium-ion battery protection is mainly divided into internal and external parts: external refers to the threat caused by external forces such as impact and puncture; Internal refers to the threat caused by heat dissipation and attenuation.
There is no difference between the two batteries in the safety protection level of the vehicle, in fact, not only square lithium-ion batteries, round lithium-ion batteries, soft battery in the vehicle safety protection is also fundamentally common.
Because there is little difference between the internal composition of the three types of batteries and the square and cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, the biggest difference is that the soft pack battery uses aluminum-plastic composite film as the shell, and the square and cylindrical battery uses metal material as the shell.
Square lithium-ion battery protection method: When the battery temperature rises abnormally, it can present high resistance, hindering the charge and discharge current of the battery to ensure the safe use of the battery.
Cylindrical lithium-ion battery protection method: there is PPTC inside the battery core for over-temperature and over-current protection. When the temperature of the battery cell is too high or the current is too high, the PPTC will become a high-resistance state, which blocks the charging and discharging current of the battery cell and prevents the battery from catching fire and exploding. Therefore, when using cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, you must pay attention to temperature and voltage and current.
The protection idea of the round lithium-ion battery is: ① to ensure the safety inside and outside the battery pack, including accidental collision and puncture; ② To ensure long battery life and battery aging, it is necessary to monitor the temperature inside and outside the battery.
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