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What do you need to pay attention to when using lithium batteries?
286 2023-09-05
First, charge according to the standard time and method
Lithium electrons will sleep after a long time, and the use time will be shortened. But don‘t worry too much, this kind of battery is very easy to activate, after 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycles, you can activate. And there is no memory function, overcharge, overdischarge will cause great damage to lithium-ion batteries, especially liquid lithium-ion batteries.
Second, the principle of charging the remaining battery is to use nickel batteries to prevent memory effects
The same goes for mobile phones and laptops. Some people often shut down their laptops without charging them after their batteries get too low. In this case, it is easy to cause the laptop to not respond to subsequent charging, and it must be maintained before it can be used. In fact, this is due to excessive discharge of the battery, resulting in too low voltage, so that they do not work properly.
Lithium-ion batteries should not be overcharged or charged when the power is off
They should be recharged before the power is turned off so that they do not damage the battery. It is recommended to charge in 2-3 hours, not necessarily full, but the lithium-ion battery should be fully charged, and it should be noted that it should be discharged every 3 to 4 months or so. Lithium-ion battery manufacturers said that no matter what brand and type of lithium electronics you use, as long as there is an overcharge, and for a long time, it will damage the battery, and even explode in serious cases. Lithium-ion batteries must be prevented from overcharging when charging, and do not discharge and charge in large quantities. However, after about 30 charging cycles, the power detection chip will consciously discharge and charge, so that we can better evaluate the status of the battery on hand.
Fourth, the charging voltage should not be higher than the maximum charging voltage, the discharge voltage should not be lower than the minimum operating voltage
Lithium-ion batteries must maintain a minimum operating voltage at all times. If the working voltage environment is too low, there will be an automatic discharge operation, which will largely affect the activity of some lithium in lithium electrons, making it damaged.
Fifth, try to prevent high temperature when using
When in use, try to prevent high temperature, otherwise, if it is slight, it will shorten the life, and it will cause an explosion. It should be noted that if some of our equipment is working with alternating current, it is necessary to take off the battery.