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What is a multiplier lithium battery?
241 2023-09-11
Rate type lithium battery refers to the battery that supports high power and high current discharge, the professional name of the industry is high rate lithium battery, and from the type of battery, it is also divided into high rate polymer lithium battery and high rate lithium iron phosphate battery two categories, they have their own excellent charge and discharge performance.
1. High rate polymer lithium battery
Support customized ≤50C stable discharge rate lithium batteries;
High discharge platform, stable discharge current, stable battery temperature;
Support battery irregular shape customization services;
Fast charging technology, up to 5C fast charging technology, 18 minutes can fill 80% capacity;
Cycle life number 500+;
2. High rate lithium iron phosphate battery
01. Conventional high-rate lithium iron phosphate battery:
Max cell capacity: 40000mAh
Continuous high rate discharge up to 40C;
Pulse discharge: 120C (3s) /250C (0.2s);
Cycle life: 1500+ times;
High temperature performance :80℃ (3-5 days without flatulence);
Low temperature performance: -40℃ -- +60℃;
02. Low temperature high rate lithium iron phosphate battery:
Ultra-low temperature discharge as low as -45℃;
Pulse at room temperature: 250C 0.2s;
Low temperature continuous high rate discharge: -40℃/8C, -20℃/35C;
Low temperature pulse discharge: -40℃/12C,-20℃/60C;
High temperature storage: 60℃/34 days no gas;
Normal temperature cycle: 3C charge /18C discharge, use cycle life 1300+ times;