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What is the reason for the declining life of polymer lithium-ion battery packs?
118 2024-01-23
What is a soft polymer lithium-ion battery:
Soft pack polymer lithium-ion battery, actually divided into soft pack lithium-ion battery and polymer lithium-ion battery, the difference is that polymer lithium-ion battery, inside is a colloidal electrolyte, the outside feels hard; Soft pack lithium-ion battery inside is a liquid electrolyte, the battery outside to feel a little soft, in fact, soft pack lithium-ion battery is because the polymer lithium-ion battery so far the production process is immature balance of advantages and disadvantages to create the invention. Considering the relatively low cost and stable performance indicators under basic operating conditions, it has so far occupied a large part of the 3c digital battery industry market.
A new batch of upgraded polymer lithium-ion batteries can achieve thin shape in shape, equivalent to the thickness of a whole credit card), a certain area and random shape, which greatly improves the operational flexibility of battery product design, and then can match product needs to make batteries of any shape and volume. It provides a high degree of design, operational flexibility and adaptability in power solutions for application machine service providers to maximize their product performance metrics. At the same time, the energy of polymer lithium-ion batteries is 50% higher than that of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, and its volume, charge and discharge characteristics, safety factor, ambient temperature category, cycle life (more than 500 times) and environmental performance indicators are greatly enhanced compared with lithium-ion batteries.
Polymer lithium-ion battery pack life decline causes:
The main reason for the decline in life: one is that in the process of use, the use of inappropriate ways. The other is caused by the use of fast charge. So remember to pay attention when using polymer lithium-ion battery packs.

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