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What problems should be paid attention to in fighting new energy vehicle fires
173 2023-12-12
1. Ask the make and model of the car when calling the police
Once the new energy vehicle is on fire, it is necessary to inform the brand and model of the fire car when the alarm is reported, so that the rescue personnel can quickly understand the type and capacity of the power battery of the car, as well as the highest voltage of the vehicle and the direction of the high voltage line.
2, immediately take power off measures after the fire
If the fire just started, in the case of being able to power off, be sure to power off immediately, and also put the car key into the signal shielding bag, and place the bag 10 meters away from the vehicle.
3. Pay attention to prevent high temperature and toxic gas after fire
Electric vehicle fire in addition to high voltage protection, but also pay attention to the high temperature after the fire. The combustion temperature of gasoline in common family vehicles after fire is only about 500 degrees Celsius, but the power battery fire, the temperature can reach 1000 degrees Celsius, and the power battery burning, will produce a large number of toxic gases, such as hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen cyanide and so on.
4, power battery fire to use more water to extinguish
In many people‘s memories, the circuit fire can not use water, but the power battery is an exception, the fire is not no water, but to use more water! Consulting the emergency rescue manual of a brand of electric vehicles can be found: if the fire is small and does not spread to the battery compartment, carbon dioxide or ABC dry powder fire extinguishers can be used. A large fire, you need to use more water, because the power battery in the fire will be bent, deformed, damaged, if the water is too little, toxic gases will ooze out, at this time also have to pay attention to the scene may cause leakage, so try to stay away from the body.
5, closely observe the battery condition
Another characteristic of a battery fire is that it is difficult to extinguish. Electric vehicle batteries, often lithium batteries, many electric vehicle brand emergency rescue manuals will tell you that the battery fire may take 24 hours to completely extinguinate, smoke indicates that the battery is still in a high temperature state and easy to re-ignite, so you must closely observe the battery condition.