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14.8v Battery special for LED lamp of cosmetic mirror.
352 2021-10-28

Makeup mirror LED lamp, which is rechargeable and has the effect of filling light, can see the appearance of makeup parts under natural light more clearly, without shadow. Achieve well-proportioned and delicate makeup.

Before going out, women usually need a makeup mirror to paint and sort out their faces, so it can be enlarged, so that the face can be photographed more clearly, and the makeup details can be handled more pertinently. The mirror is equipped with LED lights, which can be used at night or in the dark to meet the need of timely makeup. It is convenient to carry, and the LED consumes very little power and has a wide range of application places.

Make-up mirror LED lamp lithium battery model: XL  14.8V  1300mAh

Lithium battery IC: Seiko.