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14.8V lithium battery for air purification robot
387 2022-07-21

  The arrival of an epidemic has made us all more deeply realize that health is the greatest wealth. In terms of air environment safety, the raging of bacteria and viruses, the attack of sandstorms, and the excessive formaldehyde in new houses have also caused more and more friends to pay attention to air purifiers.
  It is recommended that you choose a professional air purifier brand that has relevant qualification certification, and has made technical improvements specifically for our country‘s air environment.
  The air purifying robot has been improved on the traditional air purifier. It has a backup storage battery and can be used wirelessly. This is very friendly for families with young children.
Air purification robot lithium battery model: XL 14.8V 2600mAh
Bluetooth headset lithium battery single cell model: 18650
Lithium battery IC: Seiko