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24v Special battery for deep myofascial gun.
348 2021-10-28

The fascia gun can touch the deep layers of muscle through high-frequency impact vibration, accurately comb the muscle lines, and make the muscle shape more slender. It has the functions of shaping the body, relaxing muscles, promoting blood circulation, dredging collaterals, and degree massage, and is simply a personal "masseur" who can be carried around.
Because people‘s muscles will suffer from hypoxia, tension, lactic acid accumulation and so on after exercise, the muscles will form a layer of fascia package on the outer layer, which will enable muscle fibers to contract better. However, if the exercise intensity is too high, it will cause the muscle fascia to be squeezed, thus causing soreness and stiffness of the body muscles. The fascia gun relieves the muscle fascia and internal pressure to a certain extent and reduces the tension of local tissues, thus relieving pain and promoting muscle blood circulation.
Deep myofascial gun battery model: XL 24V 2600mAh.
Lithium battery IC: Seiko.