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3.7V Dedicated for power bank battery
1029 2021-11-23

The power bank is also called a mobile power bank, which is a portable device that integrates power storage, boosting, and charging management. The storage medium generally adopts lithium battery cells, because lithium battery cells are relatively small in size, large in capacity, and widely distributed in the market, and they are widely used in digital products.
With the development of science and technology, the functions of digital products are becoming more diversified and used more frequently, and they are more and more closely related to our daily lives. How to improve the use time of digital products and electronic products, facilitate people’s lives, and replenish power in time The importance of exerting its maximum function is even more urgent. The mobile power supply is the best solution to solve this problem. With a mobile power supply, you can charge a variety of digital products anytime and anywhere outdoors.
Smart bicycle helmet lithium battery model: 3.7V 20000mAH
Lithium battery IC: Seiko