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3.7V 3D multifunctional steam eye mask special lithium battery
542 2022-07-21

    Overuse? Dry eyes? The working party is always staring at the screen, the student party is reading for a long time, and the party is watching TV shows and playing games. The 3D multi-functional steam eye mask can help you relieve eye fatigue and do a SPA for your eyes. Rechargeable eye masks can save money and are more powerful than disposable ones. The battery configured by Spin Force for the eye mask is stable and safe, and has great protection for the eyes. It can be used multiple times with one charge, and the battery life is longer.
3D Multifunctional Steam Eye Mask Lithium Battery Model: XL 3.7V 520mAh
Bluetooth headset lithium battery single cell model: 294347
Lithium battery IC: Seiko