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3.7V Lithium Battery for Electric Hair Trimmer
505 2022-08-01

Electric hair trimmer is a small electric appliance for removing body hair, which is composed of the following combinations:
1. Safe stainless steel blade design, rounded blade, safe isolation, gently remove excess hair, only shave hair without hurting the skin, the blade can be washed with water and not easy to rust; Easy to clean and replace the blade; 3. The vibration frequency is about 6000rpm, anti-scratch design, fit the skin, easy and fast repair hair; Hair, let you who pursue perfection show your own beauty and self-confidence and beauty; 5. The switch button is displayed with LED indicator; 6. Fashionable and exquisite pen-type design, light, compact and easy to carry; 7. This product adopts a rechargeable design , safe and practical, environmental protection and energy saving.
Electric hair trimmer lithium battery model: XL 3.7V 1900mAh
Small size, big energy, one charge, long battery life
Lithium battery IC: Seiko