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3.7V Special battery for folding electric mosquito swatter.
853 2021-10-28

Folding mosquito swatter, innovative integrated dual mode, hand-held mosquito swatter, which can be swung to mosquitoes at 360 degrees only by gripping the mosquito swatter rod; Folding is a mosquito killer. When LED lighting mode is used, mosquitoes can be easily killed in the dark. Surprise foldable design, 2-in-1 structure, no need for a base for placement, avoiding the trouble of storing accessories.
When people of the previous generation talked about summer memories, they could not live without the small courtyard of their grandmother‘s house in the countryside. Childhood cattail fans, turned into electric mosquito swatter, passed to the hands of this generation, and continued to separate various intrusions in summer, leaving a new childhood memory after another.
Special battery model for folding mosquito swatter: 3.7V 1200mAh.
Folding electric mosquito swatter battery model: 603450.
Lithium battery IC: Seiko.