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48V lithium battery for defibrillator
436 2022-11-10

  Defibrillator is a kind of medical instrument which uses strong pulse current to eliminate arrhythmia and restore sinus rhythm through the heart. It is an essential emergency equipment in all departments of hospital. Defibrillation is an important part of CPR.
  The defibrillator is mainly composed of the monitoring part, the electric repeater, the electrode plate, the battery and so on. Electric cardioversion machine, also known as defibrillator, is the main equipment of electric cardioversion. Equipped with the electrode plate, most of the size of two pairs, the large for adults, small for children.
  The original defibrillators used industrial alternating current (AC) to defibrillate directly. This type of defibrillator is often killed by electric shock. Therefore, in addition to internal defibrillation (ventricular fibrillation) in which AC is used during cardiac surgery, direct current is generally used for defibrillation.
  The gyroelectronic has a very stable quality assurance, the lithium battery selected for the defibrillator can first meet the quality standards, then can meet the battery life standards, and finally can meet the current requirements.
  Lithium battery model of defibrillator; XL 18650 48V 4400mAh
  Cell type: 18650
  Battery capacity: 4400mAh
  Chip IC: Seiko