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7.4V injection pump lithium battery
221 2022-11-10

  The injection pump is composed of a stepper motor and its driver, a lead screw and a support, etc., with a reciprocating lead screw and nut, so it is also called a lead screw pump. The nut is connected with the piston of the syringe, and the syringe holds the liquid, so as to realize the high-precision, stable and non-pulsating liquid transmission.
Injection pump lithium battery
Battery model: XL 18650 2600mAh 7.4V
Nominal voltage: 7.4V
Nominal capacity: 2600mAh
Factory voltage: 7.2-7.4V,
Operating temperature: (0 ~ 45℃ for charging), (-20 ~ 60℃ for discharging)
Product size: MAX 20*37*70mm
Battery weight: 102g