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7.4V POS machine dedicated lithium battery
591 2021-06-11

According to customer requirements and specifications, design the POS machine smart battery pack that is matched with the host, and integrate the smart fuel gauge with communication protocol, lithium battery and safety protection performance into the solution, which can reach the smart lithium battery pack and the POS machine host Information sharing, and finally realize a reasonable, efficient and safe battery management plan. In the design process of the entire program, the direction is to achieve the most perfect integration with the host, to ensure the safety of the battery, battery pack and the entire system, and to meet the corresponding design regulations and certification regulations as the first consideration. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the lithium battery, multilayer protection must be adopted inside the battery pack to prevent the lithium battery from being damaged due to overcharge, overdischarge or short circuit.

Handheld POS machine lithium battery model:XL  7.4V 1950mAHh

Handheld POS machine lithium battery cell model: 435080

Lithium battery IC: Seiko

Lithium battery wire model: UL1007 22AWG