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Electric vehicles may halve global refining demand by 2050
1068 2021-10-21
According to foreign media reports, consulting firm Rystad Energy stated that the global electrification of road transportation to reduce carbon emissions may reduce the global demand for oil refining capacity by half by 2050.

Mukesh Sahdev, senior vice president and head of the downstream department of Rystad Energy, said: "In 2050, our electrification level is likely to reach about 90%." He also said that this situation is likely to cause global refining to drop by 50%. . Sahdev believes that electric vehicles will reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel on a global scale, but due to the process of urbanization, the demand for refined oil in the aviation, maritime and petrochemical sectors may still be high.

He also said: "How do we meet these needs when the refining capacity drops by 50%? I think this is an obvious signal that many areas with high demand may face a shortage of refined oil. This will lead to the entire situation. Significant changes in downstream assets in the supply chain.” For example, coking equipment, which is an upgraded device used to produce gasoline and diesel, will have to adjust production to produce more petroleum coke used in battery graphite. He said that directly processing crude oil into petrochemical products will become another trend in the future.

But in the short term, global demand for oil may still rise. The consulting firm predicts that as refineries maximize gasoline production, the pent-up demand for oil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will push global crude oil processing capacity to 80.1 million barrels per day in the second half of 2021.

Source: gaishi Automotive

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