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Heavy! Ternary battery made a major breakthrough! 356Wh/Kg!
226 2021-09-07
 At the "2021 Annual Meeting of China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance" held in Beijing, the National Power Battery Innovation Center (referred to as the "Innovation Center") delivered the 350 results of lithium batteries.
  It is understood that the Innovation Center has successfully developed a battery prototype with an energy density of up to 350Wh/Kg.
  The battery uses a high specific capacity ternary cathode material and a high specific capacity silicon-based anode material, introduces a new type of carbon nanotube conductive additive, a highly elastic network binder and a new type of SEI film-forming additive, and is designed and developed with a high load, high The compact density of the positive electrode and the high-stability "skeleton" structure of the negative electrode realize the high energy density and cycle stability of the battery.
  The single power battery developed this time has a capacity of 80Ah, a specific energy of 356Wh/kg, a specific power of >2500W/kg, and a 500-cycle capacity retention rate of >90%. It adopts multi-level safety technologies such as safety diaphragms and safety additives. Pass the safety test required by the national standard.
  In addition, the battery uses a wide temperature zone electrolyte, and the low temperature performance of the battery is improved. The battery discharge capacity at -20°C at a discharge rate of 1C is more than 90% of the discharge capacity at room temperature 25°C, and the discharge capacity at -40°C reaches room temperature 25°C discharge More than 85% of the capacity, to a certain extent, has improved the problem of large-scale power loss at low temperatures under the long cruising range of new energy vehicles.
  It is reported that the establishment of the innovation center is to lead the development of my country‘s manufacturing industry. The center was established on June 30, 2016, and on August 16, 2016, it was clear that a power battery prototype with an energy density of 350Wh/kg will be developed by 2020. The purpose is to provide reference experience for the industry and support long-range new energy vehicles Industrial Development.
  Now, finally got results. Although the energy density 356Wh/Kg battery currently developed is in the prototype stage rather than mass production, its significance is extraordinary.
  First of all, this achievement proved to the whole industry the feasibility of adopting the high nickel/silicon carbon system to realize the technical route of 350Wh/kg high specific energy power battery product development, and provided early guidance and reference for the industry;
  Secondly, the 350Wh/kg technology prototype is finalized, which greatly shortens the transition period of high-specific energy power batteries from the laboratory to the industrialization direction, and lays the foundation for enhancing the global industrial competitiveness of my country‘s power batteries;
  Finally, the prototype battery‘s adoption of key technologies such as safety and low temperature provides a technical reference direction for the industry to improve the comprehensive performance of high specific energy power batteries.

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