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Mobile phone breaks through fast charging technology again
939 2021-11-18
  In order to achieve ultra-high-power, ultra-high-efficiency fast charging technology, OPPO has made improvements in both the battery and the input.
  First of all, in the battery part, OPPO changed the 3C battery cell to 6C battery cell, and the tab center was upgraded to multi tab technology, thus greatly shortening the movement path and reducing the cell impedance, allowing the input of 12.5A large current while also reducing heat generation. .
  Then there is the input side. OPPO 125W super fast charge uses a parallel three charge pump solution with very high conversion efficiency. The 20V 6.25A output by the adapter is converted into 10V 12.5A through three charge pumps and enters the battery, which means that each charge pump only It needs to convert about 42W of power, which can avoid the overload and overheating of the charge pump caused by high current.
  In terms of safety, OPPO has a total of 10 sensors for monitoring temperature changes on the mobile phone and the charger closed-loop link. The two-way communication mechanism between the adapter and the mobile phone can adjust the voltage and current in real time to control heating, so there is no need to worry about the charging process. Other problems caused by heat.
  All in all, OPPO‘s performance in fast charging next year is expected.