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The new energy vehicle market is not weak in the off-season, and the strong market demand will continue
690 2022-02-14
  New energy vehicle companies are off to a prosperous start in 2022. New energy brands such as BYD, GAC Aeon, and Xpeng Motors all achieved sales growth in January. Industry experts said that the replacement of gasoline vehicles by new energy vehicles is a long-term trend, and sales of new energy vehicles will not weaken in the future.
Off-season sales are not weak
  Judging from past experience, January is usually the off-season for new energy vehicle sales due to the combination of the Spring Festival holiday and the impulse factors of manufacturers in December of the previous year. However, judging from the sales situation this year, the new energy vehicle market in January was not weak in the off-season and continued to grow at a high rate. Taking BYD as an example, its new energy vehicle sales in January were second only to 93,945 in December last year, ranking second in the historical monthly sales list.
  In this regard, BYD said that adherence to the strategic layout of EV pure electric and DM hybrid walking on two legs and the continuous development of new brands are important reasons for its high sales growth.
  In addition, many new energy car companies have also received dazzling transcripts in January: GAC Aian’s sales reached 16,031 units, a year-on-year increase of 117.9%; 11,009 vehicles, an increase of 115%, 128%, and 402% year-on-year, respectively, and doubled growth while the monthly sales exceeded 10,000.
  Experts interviewed by the Intelligent Networking Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association told the "Securities Daily" reporter that there are two factors in the sales of leading new energy vehicle companies: First, under the background of lack of cores last year, the backlog of orders was delivered in January this year. ; Second, the head effect appears, and consumers recognize the brand.
  Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Vehicle Market Information Association, said in an interview with reporters that the epidemic in some areas in December last year repeatedly affected the sales of new energy vehicle companies at the end of the year, and some orders were postponed to January this year. Therefore, the sales of new energy vehicles in January were relatively high. good.
The industry is optimistic about the market outlook
  The booming market performance proves that factors such as subsidy decline and model price hikes have failed to prevent consumers from flocking to new energy vehicles.
  On January 1, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments jointly issued the "Notice on the Promotion and Application of Financial Subsidy Policies for New Energy Vehicles in 2022", and the subsidy standard for new energy vehicles in 2022 will be reduced by 30% on the basis of 2021. After the subsidy fell, some car companies announced price increases, which increased the cost of car purchases for consumers. For example, on January 21, BYD announced that it would adjust the official guide prices of its new energy models related to Dynasty and Ocean. Aian said that from January 1, 2022, Aian LX will increase the price by 4,000 yuan, and the starting price will reach 230,000 yuan.
  Cui Dongshu said that although the subsidy decline and the price increase of car companies are not good for consumers, the current oil price is on the rise.
  In fact, the outside world is generally optimistic about the new energy vehicle market in 2022. According to the report of the Passenger Federation, the current technical index system framework and threshold requirements for purchase subsidies will remain unchanged in 2022. With the doubling of the scale of the new energy industry chain and the improvement of cost reduction capabilities, it is expected that the number of new energy vehicles will increase by the end of 2022. expected.
  The Passenger Federation stated that the original expected sales of new energy passenger vehicles in 2022 should be 4.8 million units, but it should be adjusted to more than 5.5 million units at present, and the penetration rate of new energy passenger vehicles will reach about 25%. In 2022, the number of new energy vehicles is expected to exceed 6 million, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles is around 22%.
  The China Automobile Association predicts that my country‘s new energy vehicle sales will reach 5 million in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 42%. At the same time, the blessing of intelligent networked vehicle technology and the innovation of business models will greatly promote the popularization of new energy vehicles, especially the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal, which will accelerate the progress of transformation. The planning target of the proportion of automobiles is likely to be achieved ahead of schedule, which will effectively support the growth trend of the domestic automobile market in 2022.
  The Bohai Securities Research Report believes that, with the support of inventory replenishment and demand recovery, it is expected that the recovery trend of the new energy vehicle industry will continue in the future. At the same time, the current domestic demand for stable growth is becoming more and more obvious. Under the strategic requirements of expanding domestic demand, automobile consumption is expected to become an important force, and the necessity of stabilizing automobile consumption is increasing.
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Source: Securities Daily   Author: Zhao Xueyi,Li Yucheng

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