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3.7V Dedicated battery for spirit level
670 2021-11-09

The spirit level is mainly used to check the straightness of the guide rails of various machine tools and other types of equipment and the horizontal and vertical positions of equipment installation. It can also be applied to small-angle measurement and working surfaces with V-grooves, and it can also measure the installation parallelism of cylindrical workpieces, as well as the horizontal and vertical positions of the installation. The level is an indispensable precision measuring tool for the installation of mechanical equipment to measure the level and verticality.
By referring to a large number of patent documents, we have made a systematic introduction to the technological progress of the spirit level. Through detailed investigation and the collection of authoritative technical data and related information, we provide customers with the application status of the core technology of the spirit level product, technological research and development, process equipment supporting, and high-end technology. Application and other information is very useful for enterprises to understand the production technology and development status of various level products. In many automatic control and engineering designs, it is often necessary to use a level to measure the inclination angle of a certain plane and display the measured results
Smart bicycle helmet lithium battery model: 3.7V 2600mAH
Smart bicycle helmet lithium battery cell model: 18650
Lithium battery IC: Seiko