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3.7V VR glasses dedicated battery
528 2021-11-11

VR glasses, all-in-one head-display equipment, have fewer products, and are also called VR all-in-ones. You can enjoy the visual impact of 3D in the virtual world without using any input and output devices.
2016 is hailed as the true first year of the VR industry, and the environment and industrial chain are beginning to take shape. At present, people‘s demand for content continues to increase. From plane, audio to video, the next breakthrough is VR, which can raise content to a level as panoramic content. Moreover, VR will collaborate across fields to promote the development of other industries, such as gaming, social networking, film, education, medicine, real estate and many other industries to produce qualitative changes. At present, VR has been applied in some military training, and in the future, it will redefine gaming, travel and social interaction.
Smart bicycle helmet lithium battery model: 3.7V 800mAH
VR glasses lithium battery cell model: 703040
Lithium battery IC: Seiko