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3.7V lithium battery for bank safe
283 2022-10-17

  In the contemporary society, money plays an increasingly important role in our life, it can even be said that no one can live without money, so the security of money is also the most important issue.
  In recent years, whether it is investment deposit or withdrawal, most people have close contact with the bank, especially many people regard the bank as the first important place for deposit. Now there are many banks offering safe deposit box business, such as   Agricultural Bank, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, China Merchants Bank and so on. Safe deposit items are not only only money, its category is complex, in addition to funds also involved in jewelry, important documents, antique calligraphy and painting.
  Safe is a very important accessory battery, can not be careless choice. At present, the best solution is lithium-ion battery, which has a long battery life and avoids the risk of leakage.
  The special battery of Screw Electronics safe is lithium polymer battery. The parameters are as follows:
  Lithium battery model for bank safe: XL 703040 3.7V 800mAh
  Power of lithium battery for bank safe: 2.96Wh
  Special lithium battery chip for bank safe: Seiko