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3.7V Special battery for pet foot washing machine
653 2021-11-04

Pet footwasher is simple, easy to use and durable, with a wide outer ring design to prevent dirty water from splashing out during cleaning, double cleaning, deep into the toes, 360° rotation to remove more dirt
Dogs at home don’t have good toys. When they go out and come back home, their paws will have a lot of bacteria and are prone to interdigital inflammation. The dog’s tongue is used to take care of their hair at home. Dogs will eat the bacteria on their paws into their stomachs when cleaning up. If this is the case, pets will get sick. At this time, you can use this footwasher, which can be detached and washed with one rinse. It is convenient for maintenance and does not hurt by massage. Feet, leak-proof baffle, do not use a strong way to let the dog cooperate with the cleansing of the feet, so as not to produce resistance
Pet Foot Washer Lithium Battery Model: 3.7V 2200mAH
Pet Foot Washer Lithium Battery Single Cell Model: 18650
Lithium battery IC: Seiko