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48V Lithium Battery for smart robot
795 2021-06-11

    Robot (machine device that automatically performs work) is an intelligent machine that can work semi-autonomously or fully autonomously.
    The earliest robots in history were seen in puppet robots constructed by craftsmen in accordance with the image of Liu Jian by Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty. They were equipped with organs and had the ability to sit, stand up, worship, and bow.
    Robots have basic characteristics such as perception, decision-making, and execution. They can assist or even replace humans in completing dangerous, heavy and complex tasks, improve work efficiency and quality, serve human life, and expand or extend the scope of human activities and capabilities.

Robot lithium battery model: XL 48V 20000mAh

Robot lithium battery cell model: 18650

Lithium battery IC: Seiko

Lithium battery wire model: UL3135 14AWG

Discharge wire UL3135 18AWG with Camron female head with cover

Power display board: 13S