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5V lithium battery for smart door lock
789 2021-06-11

With the improvement of the living standards of the Chinese people, the improvement of safety awareness and the requirements of convenience, smart door locks are becoming more and more popular. More and more families are equipped with smart door locks. Smart door locks refer to locks that are improved on the basis of being different from traditional mechanical locks, and are more intelligent and convenient in terms of user safety, identification, and management. The smart door lock is the executive part of the door lock in the access control system.
The lithium battery used by Xuanli for the smart door lock is this 5V smart lithium battery, which has the characteristics of stable performance, fast charging and long battery life.

Smart door lock lithium battery model: XL 5V 1200mAh

Smart door lock lithium battery cell model: 903855

Lithium battery IC: Seiko

Lithium battery wire model: UL3239 24AGW